Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below some common questions about our products. If you are still unsure, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any other queries you may have.

The core technology is N-Orbital Oxide (DNO) catalysts, which is an advanced technology invented by a world-renowned researcher who works in Oxford University. Product using the technology capture and destroy pollutants, and achieve total removal of pollutants. The efficiency is high and can make air cleaner (can reach lower pollutant concentration). Additionally, there is no secondary release which is a common problem with most air purifier.

Once the machine is turned on, you will have purer, safer, and healthier to breath. It gives the feel of breathing air in the middle of forest or seaside. Once it turns off, you may feel uncomfortable due to bad air. The built-in sensor will also show how good or bad the air is in your room. Once it runs, the sensor will show how quickly the air is improved.

There are many good APPs in the market, and most of them are free. A google search can give a lot of options. The top three recommended in google are AirVisual, BreezoMeter, Real time AQI. These three are free APPs.

The core technology is N-Orbital Oxide (DNO) catalyst, and there is a suit of patents are granted for it. The two main ones: one is the coating and the other one is the manufacturing process. Combining with this suit of patents, DNO catalyst is highly efficient and the price is low, hence it can be widely used by general public to tackling air pollution around you.

It can be bought at our website or our distributer's website.

We had done some tests and found that our catalyst is 1.8 times efficient on removing formaldehyde and can last 8 times longer. If the life span for activated carbon is 3 months, ours is about 24 months. Theoretically, catalyst should be used for a long time without decay. However, due to dust and surrounding environment, catalyst does lose efficiency. Of course, the life of our product also depends on how bad the environment is (the pollutants concentration).

Yes, we combine particle filters with our catalyst to remove particulates and chemical pollutants in our air purifier

Healthy Air Technology's N-Orbital Oxide (DNO) catalyst can work in normal temperature, no light is needed, and the technology convert pollutants and destroy pollutants totally. There is also no secondary pollution caused by the cleaning process by our technology. For formaldehyde, bacteria and virus, DNO catalyst can convert it to water, co2 and oxygen.

Ioniser will generate ozone if it is by itself, considering healthy air DNO catalysts can convert ozone to oxygen it won't be a problem for healthy air machines.

Take out the prefilter and the combined filter, and vacuum can be used to clean from HEPA side, and using the smallest gear of vacuum first, gradually increase power until vacuum can clean the HEPA noticeably. Water could not be used to clean the combined filter at all.

Below 15 ug/m^3. There are five factors which will impact the virus grows: temperature, humidity, No2, Co2 and PM2.5. Healthy air machine can remove pm2.5 and No2 which are the two most import pollutants in the air to affect grows of virus.

Healthy air DNO filters (the honeycomb part) will kill bacteria/viruses instantly, only the HEPA part may have limited amounts viruses or bacteria. It would be sensible to wear gloves and masks while cleaning the filters. There will be dusts flying around when cleaning the filter, so masks and gloves should be used all the time during the cleaning.