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Current air filter technology

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DNO pollution eraser technology

Healthy Air Technology - Air Cleansing Solutions

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Healthy Air Technology - Air Purifiers

Performance comparison with activated carbon

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Healthy Air Technology - Air Cleansing Solutions

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Current air filter technology

All Healthy Air Technology purifiers are equipped with HEPA-13 filter, which serve as the gold standard in filtration technology. These capture and filter pollutants, bacteria, and viruses.

The filters are also designed with our patented DNO (D-Orbital Nano Oxide) catalyst which is able to effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses the machine filters, alongside breaking down pollutants like NOx, SOx, Formaldehyde and more into harmless substances like CO2 or water.

This sets Healthy Air Purifiers apart from everyone else on the market. While ‘Plasma Purifiers’ and ‘UV Light Purifiers’ are able to kill bacteria and viruses, they lack the ability to remove dangerous chemical pollutants or PM2.5’s (small particles which can enter the bloodstream) from the air.

Furthermore, Healthy Air Purifiers come with none of the health risks attached to plasma or UV lights (such as increased chance of cancer). Our unique DNO-Technology represents a major breakthrough in air purification technology, reducing the cost of providing medical grade air purification and being more effective than all other existing solutions.

Healthy Air Technology - Air Cleansing Solutions


Air Pollution

It’s well understood that Air Pollution is an unseen killer, with the WHO estimating that it’s responsible for 4.2 million death per year globally. Air pollution specifically refers to a variety of airborne threats such as particulates, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC's or Petrol fumes) and other car emissions being released into many towns and cities at damaging levels.

Air pollution is the 4th largest killer of humans, killing an estimated 40,000 people in the UK every year. Some of the deaths caused by the big killers (heart disease, lung diseases and cancer) may also be indirectly caused by air pollution, alongside a variety of illnesses that reduce our quality of life like asthma and hay fever.

Many of us believe that we are protected by air pollution sitting inside a vehicle or within our homes. Unfortunately, air pollution affects much more than simply where you can see the fumes of a cars exhaust, and is especially damaging to drivers or those who live next to busy roads, including schools.

Healthy Air Technology - Clean Air
Healthy Air Technology - Healthy Air

Air Purification Material

The industry standard in air purification is activated charcoal as the main purification material. However inevitably, over time, absorption and efficiency will decrease, and eventually it will become a secondary source of harmful pollution itself. Additionally, harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde, VOC, ammonia, odour, ozone, pollen, bacteria, and viruses (including coronavirus) will cease to be destroyed, leaving you at risk.

With the global attention on environmental issues today, and with the efforts of scientists around the world, breakthroughs have been made in air purification materials. The safe and efficient nano materials ------ D-orbital Nano Oxide (DNO)Pollution Eraser "Clean and efficient Nano-air purifier" was born in the heart of the Oxford Catalysts research centre in the UK and has passed rigorous testing. We have created a long-lasting purification material that can convert harmful pollutants into harmless substances and water.


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    Healthy Air Technology - Air Purifiers


    Air pollution has become a bigger and bigger problem over the years, below is some research and facts about the impact to people's lives.

    Secondary release is common in filtration systems that only use HEPA filters. It is when bacteria, viruses and chemicals trapped in the filter are released at a later point, leading to re-infection and negative health outcomes. Healthy Air Purifiers remove the possibility of this happening by using our DNO technology to completely break down and kill these elements. 

    No, the DNO-Catalyst is patented by Health Air Technology Ltd.