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Negative Ions – The Basics

Negative Ions – The Basics

5 January 2023

Generation of air ions

When gas molecules in the atmosphere are subjected to external forces, they will lose or gain electrons due to ionization. Those that lose electrons are positive ions, and those that gain electrons are negative ions. Air ions can be produced by cosmic rays, ultraviolet radiation, the impact of waterfalls, fountains or ocean waves.
In the atmosphere, under normal circumstances, positive and negative ions generated by external forces attract each other to form neutral molecules. The ratio of positive and negative ions is roughly equal. But on some occasions, due to different environmental conditions, there will be an imbalance in the concentration of positive and negative ions in the air.
In the seaside and forest, the concentration of negative ions in the air increases significantly. In a bustling city, the dust particles in the air absorb a large number of air ions, and the number of negative ions in the air decreases sharply. In a room equipped with air-conditioning equipment, because the indoor air circulates repeatedly under the action of the air conditioner, the negative ions disappear completely while the positive ions in the indoor air will increase significantly.
Air ionization is an important aspect of air purification technology research. Many researchers use various artificial methods to generate air ions. The method of generating air ions by high-voltage corona discharge is the most commonly used method. The concentration of artificially generated negative ions can reach 106 /cm3 . This concentration is currently recognised as an indicator of air quality.

Negative ions are called ” air vitamins “

The most common knowledge most people have about negative ions have certain health care functions on the human body. It has been clinically proven in medicine that negative ions have certain auxiliary effects on the human nervous system, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system. Experiments have proved that negative ions have a good promotion effect on human blood pressure, pulse, respiration, blood pH , blood sugar, platelets and other physiological indicators . Positive ions have the opposite effect on the above physiological indicators of the human body. Negative air ions are known as “air vitamins”.

Dust reduction effect of air ions

Ions in the air easily combine with dust particles. Charged dust particles can attract other neutral dust particles. This is known as the condensation of particles. The fine diameter suspended particles in the air can be condensed and become larger particles, then slowly settling. From a certain point of view, the dust particles suspended in the air are indeed reduced.
But in fact, these dust particles still remain on the wall, furniture, ceiling, carpet, TV and computer screens, that is to say, negative ions only complete the deposition of dust but not the migration of dust. It’s similar to sweeping the floor, it just collects the dust without removing it. Users who have used negative ion generators will have such an experience, feeling that there is a lot of dust on the indoor surface. Dust that has settled will fly into the air again when people move, or objects are moved. During the process of settling, the charged dust particles will pass through the human respiratory zone, and after being inhaled by people, causing harm to people.
Air ions, whether they are negative ions or positive ions, have the above-mentioned effect of reducing dust. Because air negative ions have a health effect on people, while positive ions are the opposite. Therefore, negative ion generators are generally used in indoor environments to generate air negative ions, which not only play a role in health care, but also play a role in reducing dust. Compared with positive ions, negative ions have smaller mass, greater activity, and faster movement speed, so the dust reduction effect is more obvious.

Be wary of heavy ion pollution

Air ions can be divided into light ions, medium ions and heavy ions according to their volume.
1 . Light ions. A collection of 10 to 15 neutral gas molecules with one charge. Negatively charged light ions are also called negative ions; positively charged light ions are called positive ions. The diameter of light ions is about 10-9 meters. Light ions move extremely fast in an electric field.
2 . Neutral ions. A tiny charged particle containing about 100 gas molecules that can only be seen with a microscope.
3 . Heavy ions. A charged particle about 1000 times larger than a light ion . Heavy ions move more slowly in an electric field.
Because the charged particles of heavy ions in the air are easy to collect and exclude, and after the air is purified, the number is also very small, so it has no great significance in biology.
Heavy ions are mostly produced by dust, smoke and other particles losing or gaining electrons, and their diameters are all below submicron (≤ 10 – 7 m ). Heavy ions have lost the health effects of light ions on human beings. On the contrary, they may be inhaled by human beings and cause damage. In the polluted indoor environment, the concentration of medium ions and heavy ions increases significantly. If artificially generated negative ions are used again, heavy ion pollution will be caused.
Light ions and medium ions are of great significance for improving indoor air quality. However, the lifespan of light ions is only a few minutes. When the air is heated, cooled, filtered or transported through pipelines or fans, the light ions will disappear immediately after contacting the metal surface. Therefore, it is necessary to generate negative ions artificially.
In order to avoid heavy ion pollution, people should leave when the negative ion generator is turned on in the polluted room. The surface and floor of the room where the negative ionizer is used should be cleaned frequently with a damp cloth. Some air purification equipment is equipped with negative ion selection switch. When the indoor air is polluted, turn off the negative ion switch and turn on the air purification equipment; when the dust particles in the indoor air drop to a certain level, turn on the negative ion generator to obtain light ions, and make the light ions play the role of air vitamins.

The principle of negative ion medicine of the Nobel Prize in Medicine

British scientist Sidney Brener, American scientist Robert Horwitz and British scientist John Sulston discovered the secret of programmed cell death through continuous experiments and explorations. And won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. “The Theory of Programmed Cell Death” believes that human beings are composed of cells, and cell disease is the source of all diseases. The health of cells depends on the dynamic balance of positive and negative ions. Once this balance is broken, the cells will produce pathological changes, which will lead to the disease of the whole body. Positive ions harden and thicken the cell membrane, so that nutrients cannot enter the cell for metabolism and conversion of energy. For example, sugar cannot enter the cell, and if it stays in the blood, it becomes diabetes; and the waste produced by intracellular metabolism cannot be discharged from the cell, resulting in cell disease . Negative ions are just the opposite. They can increase the permeability of cell membranes , allowing nutrients, water, etc. to enter cells for metabolism, and convert them into energy for the human body to use. For example, the sugar in the blood can enter the cell metabolism, and the blood sugar level will drop. So negative ions are very important to maintain cell health. By giving natural energy negative ions to the living body, it can gradually reduce the acidity, oxidation, active oxygen, lactic acid and other factors that damage human health, create a good environment for the living body, activate the metabolism of cells, create a healthy body, and enhance life. The body’s natural healing ability to overcome disease.
Nobel Prize winner in medicine and German physiochemist Dr. Schubein’s research believes that the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the human living environment is directly related to the level of human health. At the same time, because the negative oxygen ions in the air can oxidize the organic matter in the air to remove odors, the floating dust particles in the air are easily absorbed and settled under the charge of the negative oxygen ions in the air, so that the air is purified. If the air pollution increases, the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air will drop rapidly, so the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air can reflect the quality of the air, and its concentration level has also become one of the important indicators for evaluating the cleanliness of the air in a place.

The health care function of negative ions

Anions are extremely beneficial to human health, because they can regulate the function of the cerebral cortex, boost the spirit, eliminate fatigue, improve work efficiency, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and treat neurosis. Negative air ions can strengthen the ciliary movement of the tracheal mucosa epithelium, increase the secretion of glands, increase the tension of smooth muscle, improve the respiratory function of the lungs, and have the effect of relieving cough and asthma. Therefore, it is beneficial for people with chronic respiratory diseases to live in such an environment. The results of clinical trials on 3,000 asthmatic patients show that the effective rate of anion is as high as 98% for patients under 20 years old, and 88.3% for patients aged 40-60. Doctors believe that this is an effect that any drug cannot achieve. In addition, negative air ions can also strengthen the oxidation process of the brain, liver, and kidney, increase the basal metabolic rate, promote epithelial hyperplasia, increase the body’s ability to repair itself, and accelerate wound healing. Negative ions can improve the function of the immune system, enhance human resistance, stimulate bone marrow hematopoietic function, and have a certain effect on anaemia.
Just because the negative ions in the air have many of the functions mentioned above, they are called “air vitamins”. But these anions are too delicate, and they will “die” in a few minutes or even seconds in an air-polluted environment. The reason is that the anion itself is charged. Once it comes into contact with air pollutants such as dust, the electricity will be neutralized and the anion will disappear. Especially in densely populated, smoky industrial cities and environments with poor ventilation and turbid air, it is difficult for anions to hide. It has been measured that in the rooms of big cities, there are only 40-50 anions per cubic centimetre of air, while in street green belts, there are 100-200 per cubic centimetre; in parks, it can increase to 400-600 700 to 1,000 in the suburban wilderness; more than 20,000 in valleys, forests, and waterfalls. Because all kinds of pollution destroy the beautiful natural environment and make the ecology lose its balance, it is more important to artificially create a good and beautiful environment.
Negative ion experts believe that the “disease treatment” of modern medical concepts mainly relies on the effects of various drugs, and while various drugs are effective, their side effects are at the cost of damaging some body functions of the patient and accelerating their aging. To seek the temporary balance of the patient’s lesion. Even very advanced modern medicine cannot cure diseases in the true sense, and the result is that the side effects of drugs often accelerate the aging of living body cells and tissues.
Negative ion medical research clarifies that the acidity and oxidation of the living body are the root causes of various modern diseases except genetic factors.
One of its mechanisms: the living body in modern society causes central nervousness due to long-term mental stress and anxiety, continuous tension of peripheral sympathetic nerves, disturbance of peripheral blood circulation, and increased production of free radicals, resulting in hyper oxidation of acid inside and outside cells. The second mechanism: overwork, lactic acid accumulation causes muscle tension, shoulder pain, headache, insomnia and other symptoms. It is due to the oxidation of cells caused by positive ions, which reduces hormone secretion, immune function, and body fluid circulation, and accelerates aging. cause the decline of tissue cells.

Mechanism 3: The destruction of the earth’s ecological environment, the enhancement of ultraviolet rays, the electromagnetic waves of electronic products, and the static environment have significantly reduced the amount of negative ions, thereby promoting the acidity and oxidation of living organisms;
Mechanism 4: Excessive intake of acidic foods, toxic reactive oxygen species (free radicals) produced from the body, etc. cause the cells to intensify oxidation.
Researchers of negative ion medicine believe that giving the living body the energy of nature—negative ions can gradually reduce the acidity, oxidation, active oxygen, lactic acid and other factors that damage the health of the living body , activate the metabolism of cells and tissues, and create A good environment creates a healthy body. In order to strengthen the resilience and natural healing ability of the living body itself, and then overcome diseases, the reduction electron therapy based on the principle of the root of life in the universe can cure diseases without side effects. Therefore, it can be said that negative ion health care is therapeutic medicine. Also preventive medicine.
The clinical use of air negative ions has certain regulations on negative ion concentration, inhalation dose, action time, treatment room specifications, indications and contraindications. Negative ion therapy should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.
Negative ions, as air vitamins, can promote human health to a certain extent. However, negative ions must be used in a clean environment, and a clean environment is even more necessary for medical treatment. Many times, in many places, doctors are not very clear. Therefore, the IAQ technology provided by this project has a certain demonstration significance for the development of negative ion health care .

The effect of negative ions on diabetes (mainly type 2 diabetes)

Negative ions can lower blood sugar, and the mechanism of lowering blood sugar is attributed to antioxidant therapy. Due to the increase of active free radicals in the body of diabetic patients and the decrease of cell enzyme activity, the ingestion of sugar powder decomposition products in the body increases. It is because insulin cannot decompose sugar normally, forming sugar accumulation, and finally causing the occurrence of diseases. Negative ions can directly eliminate active oxygen free radicals, inhibit lipid oxidation, improve cell enzyme activity, regulate autonomic nervous system, improve acidic environment in the body, and improve intracellular sugar metabolism.
Secondly, negative ions can play an excellent maintenance function after the patient recovers. Negative ions can strengthen the defence and resistance of body functions while repairing the wounded organs, not only can restore the patient’s health, but also curb the occurrence of complications to a certain extent, so that diabetic patients can get rid of the pain of complications. Diabetic patients who take hypoglycaemic drugs or insulin injections, after using negative ion natural therapy, will continue to reduce and stop medication over time until they get rid of the troubles and tortures of diabetes.

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