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Automotive Air Cleansing Unit

Product Code: HA30




Size: 172mm X 160mm X 72mm
Removal Rate: 99.9%
Weight: 0.92KG
Power: 4.3 W
Coverage Area: 3-10㎡


This smart automotive air cleansing unit can provide pure, safe, healthy air in 5 minutes. In-vehicle pollution is hard to prevent, and to protect the health of the whole family, a quality air cleanser is a must have. AetherAir automotive cleansing unit is state of art pollution removal technology developed by leading researchers in Oxford University.

It is lighter and thinner, and it is only 62mm thick. 10025 centrifugal large fan has 24 double ball bearing blades with super dynamic balance, high efficiency and low noise, and increased stability and reliability. Average lifetime is 50,000+ hours.

Triple-layered system with a primary filter, HEPA 13 filter and Pollution Eraser DNO filter. It can truly remove floating dust, Nox, Sox, PM2.5, pathogenic bacteria/Virus, pollen, odor, VOC, Ozone and pollute gasses from automotive effectively.

Built-in high-sensitivity air sensor can detect air pollution and display air quality level in real time. At night, it is also a beautiful warm belt of light.

Efficiency is up to 99.9%.

Purification Perfected


High Efficient Pollution Eraser Air Cleansing Technology

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