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Healthy Air Technology co-founder wins Businesswoman of the Year Award

Healthy Air Technology co-founder wins Businesswoman of the Year Award

21 March 2023

Healthy Air Technology’s co-founder, Chunli Cao, was announced as the winner in the category Business Woman of the Year for the 2022 SME Hertfordshire Business Awards gaining acknowledgment for revolutionary contributions to engineering.

“As a woman working in such a male-dominated sector, I am thrilled to have won an award that celebrates women with similar goals,” says Chunli.

Disappointingly, only 16.5% of UK engineers are women, showing the significant difference in numbers compared to men who work in engineering.

“Almost 80% of Chinese technology companies employ women in higher roles. This number drops to 53% in America, and the statistics in the UK are much lower,” adds Chunli.

About Dr Chunli Cao

With a PhD in Engineering, Chunli is now a chartered engineer with over 25 years of experience. She has channelled her in-depth knowledge and expertise into crafting leading technology that prioritises sustainability and health.

Healthy Air Technology designs and manufactures high-quality air cleansing solutions to break down pollutants, bacteria and viruses.

With 2.4 billion people exposed to air pollution and 7 million premature deaths annually, there needs to be efforts in place to reduce these health-related risks and provide cleaner air for all.

“Just in London, air pollution has such a strong impact on health that it leads to an estimated 9416 deaths a year. When you look at the problem globally, the statistics are frightening,” says Chunli.

Through co-founding Healthy Air Technology, Chunli has turned technological innovation into a line of products – the quality has been impressive enough to earn a Red Dot Award for its design.

Chunli also focuses on how to help other businesses align with sustainability, and pays particular attention to UN development goals in an attempt to encourage global action.

This award also pays homage to the team behind Healthy Air Technology: “It recognises our hard work and the persistence that’s gone into growing Healthy Air Technology so far,” says Chunli.

For the future, Chunli would like to continue growing Healthy Air Technology to push its ongoing success.

She adds: “I would also like to contribute to tackling the gender imbalance in the STEM industry, and I hope I can be a part of that story in doing so.”

Learn more about Healthy Air Technology products and discover the range of air purification solutions.

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