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Healthy Air – Fresh air in the office

Healthy Air – Fresh air in the office

11 November 2022

Healthy Air Purifiers were designed with offices in mind, keeping the air feeling fresh and healthy to breath. Fresh air in the office and air quality is proven to significantly impact your ability to concentrate and your health, so we remove bacteria, viruses, and pollution from the air. Clean air will be distributed to every corner of the room with a unique air flow system so you can focus on your work.

Creating a healthy workspace

We’ve designed a range of units for different kinds of work environments to help improve productivity and reduce energy costs. Independent research has shown that clean air reduces sick days, improves concentration, and can reduce your carbon footprint. Creating safe and comfortable environments for all is a core-part of being in line with ESG-goals, while making sure you meet all future legal requirements of clean air.

The HA500 and HA800 are tower units designed to keep entire office spaces clean, additionally the HA30 is designed to keep cars clean, perfect for car pools to keep people safe while travelling.

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What industry experts have to say

SPIE – Industry leading engineering solutions: “The machines have let people feel safe in their return to work, enabling them to go into the office without fear of infection from Covid-19 or other airborne viruses…”

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Saving you money

Almost all modern building pump in air from outdoors to operate, which consumes significant amounts of energy. By keeping your air clean this amount can be reduced, in turn saving you money and helping the environment. Our machines are the most energy efficient for their clean air delivery rate, usually operating at no more than 4W-8W.

Additionally, by destroying bacteria and viruses (including coronaviruses), infections can be reduced keep employees healthy and able to work.

The right to clean air

Each year countries are bringing in more and more regulations for clean air with citizens of some countries even suing their governments demanding it. It’s important to stay ahead of the curve to avoid any legal responsibility for unclean air while showing that you care about your staff.

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