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Meet the HA500 – Home Purification System

Meet the HA500 – Home Purification System

8 November 2022

What does the HA500 do?

The Healthy Air Purifier range covers the inside of your vehicle to a host of different indoor environments. The HA500 is perfect for the home keeping it clean and safe for family and friends. The unit is ideal for those with children or who live on a busy road but protects everyone from dangerous chemicals commonly found in home appliances.

The Background…

We recognise that what makes home, home is about a feeling of comfort, and a large part of that is knowing you’re safe. It’s becoming commonplace knowledge that indoor air quality impacts our health, making illnesses like the flu or covid worse and contributing to long term illnesses. We designed the HA500 as the ultimate solution to keeping your home free from viruses and pollutants that can cause harm. Combining our state of the art DNO-Catalyst with four layers of Hepa-Filtration, and an advanced air flow system you breath easy knowing your house is full of fresh air.


The HA500 can lower your homes carbon footprint and save you money on your energy bill. Highly energy efficient it costs less than a lightbulb to run, and can reduce the amount of outside air used by heating or cooling systems, in turn making them more energy efficient while keeping your home a healthy space.

What our customers say:

Listen to this short testimonial from a London resident who bought the HA500 for his home during the peak of the pandemic.

Why experts choose the HA500:

The advanced technology employed by all Healthy Air Units is what makes the HA500 the key choice for British councils when protecting their residents against pollution. Able to break down and convert dangerous pollutants into harmless substances, the units are also employed by world-class athletes and hospitals to create spaces.

Have a look at this professional third party review of the HA500:

How to make the most of your unit:

The HA500 can be placed anywhere in a room regardless of the furniture composition, with 30cm of space given on either side of the machine. Left on “Auto”, it will adjust its speed to the air quality of the room, keeping energy costs minimal (less than a lightbulb) and showing you the quality with a colour coded system.

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