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Healthy Air Technology makes NEA list

Healthy Air Technology makes NEA list

29 November 2023

Healthy Air Technology has been included in NEA’s List of Portable Air Cleaners Against COVID-19 Virus Aerosols.

NEA is the National Environment Agency of Singapore. The list includes Healthy Air Technology’s HA500 and HA800 air purifiers.

The full list includes portable air cleaners suitable for use in household and/or commercial settings for reducing airborne particulates including particles associated with coronaviruses, based on data provided by suppliers.

What are the air purifiers on this list assessed on?

The products listed are assessed on:

  • clean air delivery rate (CADR) for removal of cigarette smoke (diameter 0.1 – 1.0 µm);
  • ozone emission (for electronic portable air cleaners);
  • photobiological safety (for portable air cleaners containing UV light);
  • electrical safety (in accordance with IEC 60335-2-65 standard or equivalent).

NEA specifies that ‘Every device needs to be used in the right way and according to specification. NEA will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from or incidental to any use of devices/services in the listing’

HA500 and HA800

The HA500 (Healthy Air 500) is a smart domestic air purifier that provides constant protection and continually provides healthy air. It combines industry standard technologies alongside our unique DNO-cleaning solution to ensure the highest quality air. It’s been designed to be the most quiet and energy-efficient air purifier available for the home and office, being sustainable and easy to install. More about the HA500.

The HA800 (Healthy Air 800) is a commercial air purification unit that provides pure, safe, healthy air in 5 minutes. Healthy Air 800 cleansing unit is state of art pollution removal technology developed by leading researchers in Oxford University. The HA800 combines our patented DNO Technology with industry standard HEPA-13 filters to ensure your air is completely purified. It is certified to have a 99.99% effective killing rate against a variety of bacteria and viruses including coronaviruses. It has a level 10 energy efficiency ratio: Requiring 80W at maximum speed, it is the greenest choice available for cleaning your air. Its LED display will inform you when the filter requires changing. More about the HA800.

Read the full list here.

The list must be read in conjunction with this document.

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